Frequently Asked Questions

We accept the following medical insurances (though pre-authorization is often required to confirm coverage):

State Insurances

  • Maryland Medicaid

Private Insurances

  • CareFirst
  • Kaiser Permanente (coming soon)
  • United Healthcare (coming soon)
  • Aetna (coming soon)

Contact us if your insurance isn’t listed.

For patients who would like to finance their treatment, we work with the following financing companies:


Contact a billing specialist for more information about these programs

No. We are not permitted to provide transportation to the facility. If you are a Medicaid or CHIP patient, we are happy to provide contact information where you can organize transportation via your insurance.

Yes! Children or other siblings may attend the appointment. Just a friendly reminder though, this is a hospital setting and the procedure may last 2-5 hours. Keep this in mind when deciding who to bring to the surgery center.

No. Only pertinent dental/medical staff are allowed in the operating room in order to comply with various standards our facilities are held accountable to. Parents should accompany their child prior to the procedure and in recovery following the completion of the procedure.

Yes. Questions about the patient’s dental or health care needs may arise during the procedure and the parent or guardian is needed to answer these questions and be available to make important decisions.

Yes! Anesthesiologists will administer general anesthesia and monitor your child while they are completely asleep.


Yes! The purpose of the consultation is to examine your child in-person and submit the necessary authorizations your insurance requires.